What are the car brands most sold in the USA?

New car sales in the US rose 0.6% last year to 17.33 million units amid rising consumer spending and tax cuts. Even though many people onus-reviews.com claim that they were not tempted to buy a car during this period, there are some models that they would choose when they decide to buy one. These models are considered the best-selling cars in the US in recent years. Based on American made car company reviews, in this article, we will see which are the most popular cars in the US, but also what brought them this high popularity.

Last year, the largest sales volumes on theUS market were reported by General Motors (2.95 million units, down 1.6% from 2017), Ford Motor (2.48 million units, a decline of 3.5%) and Toyota Motor Corp. (2.42 million units, a decline of 0.3%).

That being said, let’s see which are the best selling cars in the United States.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 giant, the best-selling car in the US in each of the last 38 years, reaches a new generation today. Along with this, the Ford F-150 receives a hybrid version pending the full-electric variant.

Ford unveiled today in the United States the 14th generation of the F-150 pickup. Considered one of the symbols of the American automotive industry, the Ford F-150 is the best-selling model in the US, regardless of the segment, in the last 38 years.

Toyota Camry

Camry is the best-selling or one of the best-selling cars in the States for almost two decades. Moreover, the new Camry will replace Avensis in Europe starting in 2019. The new Camry Hybrid is the winning combination. It combines the sophisticated elegance of a quality sedan with all the benefits of the Toyota Hybrid. The result is an extremely comforting driving experience, which takes Hybrid technology to a new level.

Honda Civic

Americans only receive the sedan version of the new Civic and the Type R hatchback version. The new Civic Hatchback was designed with the sporty spirit of the Honda brand in mind, and dynamic performance is at the forefront. Beyond appearance and performance, the latest technology is perfectly integrated into the personality of the model, which offers Honda Sensing and Honda Connect standard on all equipment variants.

Honda Accord

The deal is Camry’s eternal rival in the States, but he never came close to it in terms of sales. The Honda Accord commands respect from the first to the last generation. The 2012 model, subjected to a slight facelift, remains fresh and dignified in the face of fierce middle-class competition.

Regardless of the angle from which you look at it, the car immediately shows you that it has something to impose on itself: elegant, massive, sporty, luxurious. Impressively, this version resists well in the market, despite the completely new models, younger, closer to the trend.

Nissan Sentra

You probably know the Nissan Sentra from the NFS Underground or Underground 2 games. It’s a kind of Almera sedan, a budget car located just below the Civic and Corolla.

So, according tostatistics, these car models were the most sought after in the American market. This is due to the competitive prices, but also the performance of these cars. They impress both in terms of capabilities and appearance, being very attractive.

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