The Most Fashionable Apple Watch Bands

Having an Apple watch is quite a fashion statement. Not only is the watch functional but it can be customized with a variety of bands. This is great because it makes matching it with outfits a lot easier. Not everyone wants a plain black or white apple watch band around their wrist. Thankfully, there a lot of options out there ranging from elegant to ridiculous. Let’s take a look at some different types of bands.

Leather bands

An apple watch band like this is great for giving it that classic watch look. Leather goes with a lot of different styles. It can be paired with a suit, business casual wear, and even something a little less posh like a polo shirt and jeans.

A leather band will cost anywhere from 14 dollars to even a hundred. It depends on who manufactures the product and who sells it. Throwing in a cheap 14 dollar one is a great way to increase the versatility of an Apple watch. This makes it easy to slap on the leather band when it’s time to go to work or go nail that interview.

Stainless steel metal bands

These are like the typical metal watch bands found on more luxurious items. These can actually go good when paired with even more casual clothing like a pair of joggers and a t-shirt. The style is flexible and pairs with the leather band pretty good.

A good example of a band like this is the one by Fullmosa. The Fullmosa is very affordable if it’s an option that’s being looked at. They typically run about 16 to 18 dollars. This is a great investment for the person that wants to have a watch that can look professional at work and look good on a casual night out.

The Pantheon

There are a lot of options for bands that a bit more feminine in nature. One of these is the Pantheon. This watch is highly fashionable but may not be too professional. This is why getting the leather band is a good idea first.

The Pantheon is a pretty slim band and it’s best to try it on first to see how it fits. It pairs fairly well with some ripped jeans or a hemp skirt. It’s a very casual watch band and it’s best for those scenarios. The Pantheon comes in a number of designs like floral patterns or bright colored meta. The price is great and ranges from about 10 to 12 dollars.

Switch it up

One of the considerations being hinted at is to get a few of these bands and switch them out as needed. This is what the Apple watch a very fashion-forward tech accessory. Just because it’s a smartwatch doesn’t mean that it has to be drab. For about 50 bucks a person can pick up three to four bands and have themselves covered for a variety of scenarios and styles. That’s a lot of flexibility.


The Apple Watch is a great product that offers a ton of features and can be a very great looking accessories. The popular bands are leather bands, classic watch bands, and even some fashionable bands for ladies. The price of all these bands is very affordable and easy to get.

They can be picked up online at most stores and even at brick and mortar locations. Don’t deal with a dreary looking Apple Watch when there’s lots of options out there to dress it up. Go and get a few bands and make it look nice.            

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