How to Sell Your Car In Dubai?

How to Sell Your Car In Dubai?

Are you planning to shift to some other country from Dubai? or you are making a plan to buy a new car and for that, you want to sell your old car in Dubai. You will get the best tips and steps to sell a car in Dubai. To sell a car in Dubai is not a difficult task because there is high demand of second hand cars in Dubai. So, get to know the process to sell any car in Dubai at an affordable price and with the reasonable customers. 

Engage A Car Dealer

If you are new in Dubai or selling a car in Dubai is your first experience, then you can go for a dealer who sells cars in Dubai. You have to be honest with the age, mileage, condition of the car and give the right details to dealer and then hope for a good price for your car.

Sell Your Car Privately

If you are not comfortable with the engaging a dealer to sell your car in Dubai, you can sell your car on your own. For that, you have to follow some easy steps and you will be able to sell any car at an affordable price. Before placing an ad you must complete the paperwork of the car, also make sure that the car is in decent condition to be sold. If the car looks attractive the new user or the visitor who is looking for a second hand car, will definitely consider your car to buy it. Also, make sure to tell the condition of the car to the buyer, whether it is repaired or mechanically fit or sick or need any maintenance of some machinery work. It will be nice of you!!

There are some simple steps you need to follow to sell your car, read them carefully and apply them to get the good results.

Service Your Car & Repair It

It is the first and most important step to make your car look attractive to your customer as said that first impression is the last impression. If you think there is any fault in your car or is not mechanically fit, or there is any dent or the marks on your car, it’s your moral duty to fix it by your mechanic and make it functional. Then, take your car to the service station to clean it up so that it looks nice and appealing and you are done with your very first step to sell your car.

Find a Buyer

This is not a difficult step to find a buyer of your car here in Dubai. If you have connections and relatives in Dubai, you can ask them to look for the people who want to buy a used car. May be they find any potential buyers in need of a second hand car.

The other option is to place an ad online on websites which sells and buys the cars through that forum. Usually the interested users contact through the platform. The popular websites which sell the cars  include:

  • Dubizzle
  • Kharab Car
  • Gulf News classifieds
  • Khaleej Times classifieds
  • Crazy Car Corner
  • Notice boards of supermarkets, your community
  • Magazines such as Auto Trader

There is another option to sell your car in Dubai is to visit the showrooms to find the potential users. Ras Al Khor used car market is the biggest used car seller market in Dubai. But there is a consequence of that, you may get a lower price for your vehicle as they have the bargaining power as well.

Once you find a potential buyer for your car out of any way mentioned above, let your buyer inspect your car and be a bit flexible with your pricing and we hope that you will have your deal done.

Insurance cancellation

This is a must step to sell your car in Dubai. Once the deal is done and you have received your payment, you have to cancel your insurance from the related insurance company. If there is a period of insurance still left, your insurance money will be refunded as required. For that, you have to show your documents and identification and after that your insurance will be cancelled.

Transfer car ownership

The last step to sell any car Dubai is to transfer your ownership to the person you have sold your car. If the car is awaiting for renewal, it has to pass the test at some RTA authorised test centres. After that, fill out the transfer form and you are done with selling your car in Dubai.

Some Additional Information (Documents Required)

The documents required at the time of transferring the ownership are as below:

  • Your original registration card. (Mulkia)
  • Valid driverโ€™s license of the buyer.
  • Valid copy of the Emirates ID / Passport + Visa copy.
  • New insurance from the buyer.

Good luck with selling your old car in Dubai and best wishes for your new car. Happy Buying ๐Ÿ™‚

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