How To Junk A Car?- The Process of Preparing your Vehicle

Has your old car broken down again? The defects are so frequent that you have the option to repair it while paying more money than the car is worth or take it to the junkyard. 

The latter option is smarter, as you’ll earn some money in the process of junking you vehicle. On the other hand, taking it to the mechanic for repair will cost you a lot of cash and nobody guarantees that the auto won’t break down again in the next few days.

If you are tired of repairing your vehicle, you should take it to a car dealer to junk it. This process can be time-consuming as you need to find a good dealer and prepare your auto for scraping. Go here to learn more about the services of scrap businesses.

Before choosing the right one for you, here is what you should do prior to taking your car to the junkyard.

Take out all of your personal items

The first thing which you should do is a full inspection of your vehicle in order to find personal items which are of some value to you. It’s normal for your auto to be overcrowded with documents, receipts, insurance policy etc.  All of these contain personal information, so you mustn’t leave them behind.

Even if there is nothing worth taking, you should never leave the things inside. Although they’ll end up in the first garbage bin, it’s your job to do it, as the car might not pass through inspection.

Remove all the profitable car parts

Even if your auto goes straight to the junkyard, it doesn’t mean that all of its parts are no good. Actually you might find valuable parts, which you will later sell and put some extra money in your pocket.

Therefore, you should remove all electronics in the form of radio, batteries, speakers etc, as well as your seat covers if they are made of a good material. It’s a good idea to also remove your tires, but they should be replaced with worn-out ones as the car dealer won’t take your auto if it can’t be towed onto a truck.

If you have no idea, which parts could be worth money, don’t just leave them. Take your car to a mechanic or call a friend to help you. Later on you can sell them to a person who owns the same type of car or online. On the following link:—from-radiators-to-fuel-pumps-215810411.html, you can find out which are the most purchased used auto parts online.

Get your documentation ready

You should find your car title and take it to the dealer, as you won’t be allowed to scrap it without legal proof. It’s necessary in order to be transferred from you to the dealer. If you can’t find your title, you can always take out a new one.

You should also take out the license plates, as they will be requested when you go to cancel your vehicle title. Another thing which you should cancel is the insurance; perhaps you can get a refund if you had paid the total price of the insurance policy.

Find the right dealer

We know that you can’t wait to get rid of your auto, but you shouldn’t sell it to the first scrap dealer who comes along. Ask your mechanic to give you an approximate price of the car and then go to various local dealers to compare prices. They will try to buy it for a very low price, so be a good negotiator.

Another thing you should bear in mind is for the car buyer to have a license. In this way you are protected against any potential legal inconveniences. Last but not least, check if the weight scale is certified, as there are a lot of buyers who use faulty scales which show lower weight and steal money from you.


Scraping your vehicle is a procedure which requires time and attention.

You should properly prepare it, find a reliable dealer and try not to get tricked.

Be knowledgeable about its value and don’t sell it for less than you should.