Harley Mods to Get Rid of in 2020

I am a Harley-Davidson fan for a reason, these bikes are sick when they are straight out of the factory. The standard versions like Sportster, Trike, Softail, Touring, Trike, and H-D Street have charged up lineups annually. The Harley-Davidson CVO was built for riders in need of any customization. I am not saying all mods on a Harley are insane. In fact, some performance and safety enhancements are inspiring. 

My worry comes when cosmetic mods are applied to reflect the riders taste. They neither enhance any performance nor safety measures, they have the opposite effect. The bike owner might love the mods but they are an embarrassment to everyone else. Believe me, as a Harley Davidson OEM parts dealer I have come across them all. Have mercy on the bikes and the Harley riders around you by not doing these. Ever.

Anyway, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Let’s leave it at that.

Chassis and Accent lighting

I don’t know how to say these in a better way but the accent, chassis, or any other under glow LED light strip is plain ugly. Some states have even banned them from their roads. It’s not only distracting to everyone on the road but an unnecessary mod.

Handlebar tassels or get back whips

This is a biker whip that hangs on the brake lever or clutch. Some riders might argue that it shows their club colors or makes the bike more visible to other motorists, I still don’t get it. On kids motorcycles yes, but on a Harley it’s ridiculous. Additionally, some states consider it a weapon and you might end up behind bars.

Booming stereos

I have to say the most attractive sound from a Harley is the exhausts. Now, why interrupt it with anything else. It’s the hallmark of a Harley and it’s also inconsiderate to have your stereo booming for everyone around you to listen.

Loud compressor horns

Now where do I even start with this one? I understand that safety is a big deal while riding and you want to remain visible. But hey, the Harley rumble is loud on its own.

Extreme forks for a Harley

Generally, a Harley is an inferior bike to handle curves. Take that and add some extended forks, you have created a nightmare. Take Choppers for instance, they are stunning bikes but hard to ride. Good for attracting attention on a bar-hopping Friday. Dangerous for making left turns in traffic.