Facts You Need to Know Renting a Car in USA

All the car rental companies in USA are to go through some restrictions. And for the obvious reason they have to some rules and regulation to their customers too. These rules are equal for all the national dealers. One who is out to rent a car should meet these rules.

Insurance Paper

Car rental companies ask for insurance paper and you have two major options. If you do not have any insurance policy, the car rental company will offer you to buy insurance from them. Or, the insurance you already have should cover the car rental policy. In case you don’t have car rental insurance, the car rental company offers you to buy insurance at picking up of car. So if you already have one do not left it at home. You can also tell your insurance company to send the necessary documents to the car rental company. No matter the case, remember you must have to provide a valid copy of your insurance paper, otherwise you are suggested to purchase it instantly.


The car rental companies require that the people come to them renting car must have a valid license to show. The driver must have a driving license in the country they are resident of. The license they provide must be valid and should hold its validity during the entire trip (Until they return the car). Along with the driver’s license the customers have to present a credit card. Not only that but the age of driver must be 25 years old or more. However, not all the company has the same policy regarding age. Some company like car rental express allow rent a car 19 years old. Though other company charges extra fees on under age car renting deal, car rental express do not apply extra charges for being under age. Again some company may ask you to show your driving record to check if you are capable of driving a car. The drivers have bad driving history might be denied.

Extra Charges

You can find that you are paying much extra money than what you expected to pay. And it may happen due to some hidden charges you could have thought of. But if you know it prior to book a car, you can avoid them.

Like the example, you have to pay extra amount if you add another driver at the driver list. So you better do not add extra driver unless it free of cost. And that is not all; one has to submit all the necessary documents of the second driver too. It may complicate your journey. The extra fees might be charged in term of extra child seat or GPS.

Returning car late will results into charging extra pay offs. See the full policy of returning car late. The extra charges may vary depending hours.

To be known with all the terms and policies of the particular car renting company from which you are renting car make your journey smooth.

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