Car accessories that can save your life

You might not have the latest car with the newest generation of safety systems and technology.

With a few car accessories, you will drive better and safer.

Before you even drive anywhere, make sure you are covered for car breakdown and other essential roadside services. Find out more: the 247 Home Rescue contact centre operate 24/7 for your protection.

Take a deep dive into the car product reviews to find the ones you would like to add to your car to make your journeys safer.

Ensure your car has the basics of safety products and car accessories. You’ll need car insurance, wheel jacks, a properly inflated spare tyre, a warning triangle, and a hi-viz bib. If you don’t feel safe in changing your own tyre, your car breakdown service provider will dispatch a mobile technician to assist you. For driving and vehicle ownership, prepare for the worst imaginable situation. Accidents can happen in a split-second.

1) First Aid Kit:

A good first aid kit is essential. You can stow it in your car’s luggage area or in the spare wheel space. The items your first aid kit must include are:

• Antibiotic cream

• Antihistamine tablets

• Antiseptic gel and wipes

• CPR mask

• Burn gel

• Gauzes and bandages in different sizes

• Scissors

• Adhesive tape

• Latex gloves

• Torch

2) Emergency Car Escape Tool:

These tools can attach to your car’s keyring for easy access in the unfortunate event of a car crash. This is a small tool that packs a lot of punch: if your car’s seat belt is jammed, you can use this tool’s blade to cut through the seal belt’s material to free yourself. It also has a glass-breaking tool to be used to smash the windows of your car so you can escape the car. This tool has proven to save many hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

3) GPS Tracker:

A handy tool to have in your car or your loved one’s car is a GPS tracker. These are simple devices that use SIM-data to share their location in real-time with satellites for you to keep track of the unit. With this you can make sure your teens arrive safely at their destination or for your family to track you should you be missing. Also check– Car Seat Gap Filler

4) Tyre Pressure Monitoring System:

A tyre pressure monitoring system is useful because it provides the driver with real-time data on the condition of their car’s tyres. An under-inflated tyre and a deflated tyre are the most common causes of accidents. Knowing when your car’s tyre loses air pressure, will give you the warning you need to take action to slow your vehicle and inspect the problem.

5) Smartphone Holder:

Smartphones display maps and interfaces for our audio systems in most vehicles. Having your phone mounted to the centre console in the holder will free your hands for driving. This way you won’t be tempted to pick up your phone to view the latest text message or social media notification to distract your attention from driving.

6) Portable Jump Starter:

A portable jump starter pack can help you get your car’s dead battery juiced up enough to get your car running again. These usually feature LED flashlights so you can see under the car, or use as a warning light, and you can recharge your smartphone with the battery pack too in case of emergencies. These jump starter packs are safer to use than jumper cables and don’t require a second vehicle to jump start your car’s battery.

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