Should you buy a first-hand car or second-hand car?

Have you ever heard some wish to get a second-hand car? Or have you ever heard someone even say, “I wish I could buy this second-hand car”? The answer is probably no because when you can pay a little extra and get a brand new car then why go for a used one?

Also, it’s like everyone’s dream to buy a brand new car like Audi Malaysia and take it down the road with its sleek and dentless body or go to a beautiful villa with a beach nearby. The point is that when you’ve always wished for a brand new car and if you can even wait for a while to make enough money and afford a new one then why buy something that’s used and you know it isn’t what you wanted?

However on the other hand probably the reason why you want a second-hand car is that it’s difficult for you to travel here and there and you are tired of spending so much on the taxi to go to your office. So, now you want a car that isn’t very expensive, and even it’s second hand, it will work for you.

The point is that buying a brand new car and buying a second-hand car, both have their pros and cons and now we are going to discuss them all so that you can make a more explicit decision on what to do and what not to do.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Brand New Car

+In this case you know that you will get full coverage for your car, it will come with a full warranty and on top of everything you won’t be concerned about the condition of it.
+Better safety features, better fuel efficiency and better mileage which means that you will save a lot of money on it.

-It’s going to be expensive, and this is a given fact that cannot be changed.
-Getting a brand new car insured is quite expensive.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Second-Hand Car:

  • It’s going to cost you a lot less than a brand new car.
  • The insurance won’t cost you much as it’s pre-owned.
  • You never know if the car went through any serious accidents and floods etc., sometimes you cannot even guess that the car has some major issues in it.
  • You won’t get any warranty on the car and even if you get it, it’s will be of no use as it’ll be expired already because the car is old.

Now, if you look at the pros and cons of having a brand new car and having a second-hand car, then we are pretty sure that you will opt for a brand new one especially if you don’t have any money issues. You can get a good brand new HYUNDAI Malaysia car within an affordable budget and not only this, in fact, there are several other brands from which you can buy reasonably priced brand new cars. The one and only benefit of buying a second-hand car is that you can save yourself some money for the time being but honestly, buying a brand new car means that you will be making an investment that will benefit you later in the future.