Winter Is Here: Are Your Semi Truck Parts Up to Par?

Slushy roads, low visibility and drivers stuck in ditches all point to one thing: winter is here. If you’re prepping for a long haul or continuing your typical local commutes, here are some essentials ways to prep your semi-truck for difficult winter driving. From tires and chains to Freightliner seat covers, find the best brands and practical gear to keep you on time and on the road.

Winter Tires

Your truck needs some serious traction to keep on the road. Ice, snow and slush can cause you to lose control of your vehicle as you’re passing cars, handling turns or coming to sudden stops. Look for extra grip and long-lasting designs to prevent wear and tear from balding your tires.

Another useful traction upgrade is tire chains. When winter tires themselves just won’t cut it, pick up a set of tire chains and a tire chain tightener to maximize your grip on even the worst icy roads. The latest tire chain options use a heavy-duty bungee design, making it easier to take on and off than traditional chains.

High-Visibility Headlights

Snowstorms can dramatically reduce your visibility. Improve your vision with Peterbilt 379 headlights, sun visors and other high-visibility accessories. Bright replacement headlights can ensure you always have a clear view of the road, and an aftermarket sun visor can protect your vision from the glaring sun as the weather clears.

Safety Lights

Keep your rig bright and easy to spot with the latest safety lights. LED lighting is available for nearly every inch of your truck, so grab some additional lighting to make sure you’re visible in the middle of winter. Place them on your blind spots, around your cab or anywhere else that vehicles may not see you in low-light conditions.

Mud Flaps

As the snow starts to thaw on the road, your truck kicks up a considerable amount of wet snow, slush and mud. If your old mud flaps have seen better days, invest in a new set to keep your truck looking new and mud-free. The latest mud flaps also come with LED lighting, so they keep you visible and protect other vehicles from a large mud spray from your back tires.

Comfortable Seat Covers

Winter drives are hard. The snowy, cold and cloudy days seem to go on without end. If you’re feeling the blues this winter and itching to get out of your cab, a new seat cover might be just the thing you need to relax and settle in for a long drive. Invest in a gel seat cushion or a premium seat cover to protect your seat and improve your comfort.

A long winter doesn’t have to be dangerous. Invest in these comfort and safety parts today by shopping for the latest Iowa 80 semi truck parts. Whether you just need a little more cushioning to keep you comfortable or some tire chains to improve your traction, shop online to compare brands and styles of these essential winter items. Now that winter is here, is your semi-truck ready for the challenge?

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