Why Use Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel injector cleaners, such as Chemtool, are part of a preventative maintenance routine. People think that as a car gets older there will be a lot of performance loss. While this can be true if the engine is abused, it is not if the engine is treated right. Part of the treating right scenario includes using fuel injector cleaner. Using a quality cleaner, especially if it has PEA in it, will dissolve build-up that occurs. While this will not fix every issue, it will help take care of a very fixable issue. Professionals that are not connected to companies that make the cleaners recommend them, so there is a validity to it all.

Carbon Build-Up

The reason that the cleaner needs to be used is that there is always carbon build-up within the engine. There are always impurities that get into the tank, though gasoline companies try their best to prevent this. It can come from sediment at the tank farm, transfer issues, or any number of ways. This creates a build-up that will clog lines, injectors, and other parts of the engine. It is normal, though not wanted. A person using a cleaner once every three thousand miles will be able to cut down on this, while keeping the engine from having other issues.

What is PEA?

Polyetheramine, or PEA for short, is a versatile chemical that is the ingredient to look for in fuel injector cleaners. One use is the fact that it is hydrophobic, which means it will help separate water that has gotten into the tank. The main use, in these cleaners, is to dissolve the carbon build-up that is in every engine. The chemical is known for that ability among car experts. It is so well known, that there are even some gases that have it included at the pump. This is the ingredient that will clean the engine the way that it should be.

When to Use Fuel Injector Cleaner

The cleaners do not need to be put into the tank with every use. There are two schools of thought. For engines that go through what experts say are normal conditions, then once a year should do fine. If the engine is used quite a bit, or deals with temperature extremes, the once every three thousand miles is recommended. If the engine has been used heavily with very little maintenance, then finding a friend who is a certified mechanic will help with the best ideas.

Consider the Source

The first way to judge any source on this topic is what their job is. There are government sites that say not to use fuel injector cleaners. They state logical conclusions, but the writers usually have either an agenda or no work experience in auto mechanics. On the other hand, look at what people who work in the industry say. Look at where they work. Most of these people will tell you that a cleaner with PEA will help a car, if part of a preventative maintenance routine. Look to the industry on this, as they are trying to keep cars on the road so others see the love they have for automobiles.

Carbon build-up happens. It is a known issue. Fuel injector cleaners do work. For a vehicle owned by someone who keeps up with the general preventative maintenance, the cleaner will just be another inexpensive addition to their routine. While there are no miracle cures, there are proven ways to extend the life of an engine. All that was talked about here is one of those ways. Treat the engine right and it will keep going.