Why should you sell your car to scrap yards?

You have a car at your garage that has been lying there for months now. You’ve wanted it fixed but you don’t seem to have time and the money. Look here, there is a better alternative; did you know you could make some good bucks just by selling it as scrap? It doesn’t have to keep collecting dust, see below the benefits of disposing it at some value.

Selling saves space

The vehicle doesn’t have to be roadworthy or even moving; the scrappers will tow it themselves. This removes the car from the driveway or garage and thus creating space for others. In some places, having it lie at the yard would attract fines and penalties and therefore selling it saves you all these costs and the hassle. The extra space could be used to keep some other valuable item. Removing this vehicle helps in keeping off some potential health hazard caused by the fluid leaks.  The leaks were probably killing your grass and therefore you can save this and maintain the landscape aesthetics.

Helps maintain a clean environment

Any vehicle leaks are non-biodegradable and therefore any leaks would contaminate the area. Thus, scrapping the old stalled car would keep the leaks from contaminating the surrounding. Selling your car as junk will allow the parts to be re-used to get a second life.  This keeps them from fading into obsolescence or just taking up space in a landfill. Every part that is usable would be put to use and whatever isn’t can be disposed of in a responsible way.

Gives you extra cash

Car scrap dealer companies will always give you cash before towing the car to their yard. The value will depend on the market value of the parts and the prevailing demand. There are seasons when manufacturers highly demand raw materials to recycle and manufacture new cars or there is demand for building materials; during such times, you could fetch some good money to thousands of dollars. You just need to have an idea of how much you should sell the car and then call in the scrap car company who are always ready to negotiate. After you agree, they will pay you and tow the car to their yard- no transport cost.

You’ve been wondering about that heap that has been sitting in your driveway forever or maybe the cost of repairing your car could cost you more than its value. The most valuable, pain-free and easy way is to call in a car scrap yard Singapore; get the extra cash and rest assured that you have played a good part in caring for the environment even as you clear your driveway.

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