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Wetland Delineation Field Equipment.

Water bodies identification is an exercise of determining the water levels in an area and where the water level is high there will need measure the spread of the water body. Some government have passed legislation preventing the construction of any form of building over a wetland. Some areas may appear as dry land although there is water reserve below them which becomes visible during raining seasons. Making it very crucial for real estate investors to have a wetland delineation test conducted to avoid buying into water bodies which will be a loss to their investment.

Tools to acquire for water bodies identification and area occupied measurement includes.

The researcher will need to have a wetland map. The purpose of the map is to give a guideline on where to start the exercise.
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GPS units this will be used hand in hand with the map. The purpose is to assist the researcher to know the area directions.

Mud footwear. The personnel performing the wetland determination exercise will need to wear protective mud boots. The boots keep the feet safe.
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Digging equipment such as soil knives and shovels. The process will require digging of several pits in the area to study the underground soil.

Cameras with capability of taking pictures in water. There may need to take pictures for the use in research. The area has water hence the need for a camera with ability to take shots in the water. Another item to consider for the camera is having long lasting batteries. The researchers may also need an extra field camera. This is just an ordinary camera with a good resolution.

Soil color chart. The researchers should acquire soil chart to be used to identify the nature of the area depending on the soil color. To determine whether an area has water bodies, will involve digging of several holes in the area and comparing the colors of the soils with the description on the color chart.

Tape measures. It is important to also find out the spread of the water body. The process goal is to estimate the area which will be considered to be a wetland. Hence I order to perform the task there is need for equipment to take length and width of the area. The researchers will come up with the water body boundaries.

All field studies requires taking down of notes. Thus it is vital to acquire stationery necessary for the field task. These tools are for recording the items discovered in the field area.

Wetland delineation is an important exercise and should be performed after a passing of a given period for example every ten years. This is because with the changes in climate some water bodies may cease to exist while others may be created.