Tricked Out Truck: A Look at the 8 Best Truck Upgrades of 2019

Here in the US, the automotive parts aftermarket is a $287 billion dollar industry. Most people automatically assume we are talking about parts for tricking out your car. But there is so much more to this industry.

One fast-growing sector is the aftermarket truck parts industry. As trucks continue to rise in popularity, owners continue to want more options for customizing their truck.

So what are the best truck upgrades available? Well, they are ones that increase the usability of your truck and provide your truck with extra protection.

Keep reading for the top 8 truck upgrades you should do in 2019.

1. Tonneau Cover

As a new truck owner, this is usually one of the first and most important upgrades you can do. A tonneau cover is going to provide you with protection and security for anything you put in the bed of the truck.

They can also help you improve your gas mileage. As you drive, the air flows up the windshield and over the roof of the truck. Without the bed cover, it would then go down into the bed and circulate creating resistance.

2. Running Boards

This is one of those basic upgrades that has been around for years, and with good reason. Nothing is more annoying than having to do that awkward jump up in the cab.

Having running boards gives you and your passengers an easy step to make getting in and out a breeze. But did you also know that they protect your truck?

The original purpose of those steps/nerf bars/running boards was to protect the truck from collisions and fender benders. If you buy the solid step kind, they also protect your truck from rocks and other road debris from flying up.

3. Tailgate Step

While some top of the line trucks come with built-in steps, those of us with a lower model are left wanting. Sometimes a manufacturer will make a half attempt at a step, but it isn’t that useful.

So how about installing a tailgate step yourself? You can find options that require no drilling into your truck. They can also fold away so it won’t be in the way when you aren’t using it.

4. Bed Mats and Liners

If you don’t put a bed liner in your truck then you are going to damage the truck every time you put a piece of heavy equipment in there. Options range from a rug type mat you simply lay in there to a full coverage spray in treatment.

The type of liner you choose will depend on the type of work you do with your truck and what you intend to haul. This is similar to the choice you make between floor liners and carpet in the cab of your truck. If you put your truck to work and want the most protection then it’s smarter to go with a spray in liner.

Look for a service like this company that uses industrial polymers. Not only will your liner be durable, but they can match the color to your truck so that it is a clean look too.

5. Undercover Swing Case Toolbox

Most truck owners are already aware of those toolboxes that get installed up at the front of the truck bed right behind the cab. The major problem with these is that they are no very accessible.

If you have just a few tools to transport then those large boxes are overkill and just add more weight to your truck. Instead, you could install a swing car toolbox.

This toolbox gets installed at the end of your truck bed on the sidewall by the tailgate. Then when you go to work on your project, simply drop your tailgate and swing it 180 degrees out over the tailgate.

This gives you easy and quick access. Best of all, it can hold up to 75 pounds worth of stuff and works with any tonneau cover you may have.

6. Tailgate Assist

We don’t know why this accessory took so long to come around. Everyone that owns a truck knows that feeling of dropping the tailgate on accident and hearing it slam down. You cringe and know that repeated accidents like that one puts extra wear and tear on your tailgate.

This handy little device will stop all of that. Many auto bloggers recommend that you could even open your tailgate with one hand while you carry something in the other.

As you open your tailgate the assist will glide your tailgate down in a smooth and controlled manner. No more slamming, no more freefall dropping. best of all, it doesn’t require any drilling to install.

7. Bed Lights

So you’ve added a cover, liner, and step to the bed of your truck. You’re just missing one thing. You need some light in there to help you see inside the bed of your truck.

The one downside of a tonneau cover is that they tend to block the light. Couple that with a setting sun and the bed of your truck becomes a black hole.

This is an easy fix though with some bed lights. There are plenty of kits on the market that come with super bright LED light pods that clip into place along the bed rails.

8. Storage Case

You may find that your truck is lacking in tucked away storage compartments. You can resolve this by installing an aftermarket storage case that tucks under the backseat and out of sight.

They are made of a strong plastic that will hold up to whatever you decide to haul around in them. Just keep in mind that the size of your storage bin is dependent on the size of your backseat.

This is a great upgrade to do if you happen to be a gun owner. In many states, these storage cases qualify as a legal gun case for transportation.

Choose the Best Truck Upgrades for Your Truck

By choosing to add the best truck upgrades to your truck you are ensuring comfort and usability.

Sure your truck is already a useful thing to have, but why not make it better?

These upgrades not only make your life easier, but they protect your truck.

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