Top 5 Cars For Teachers & Students

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If you can afford a car as a student or teacher, then don’t hesitate to splash the cash. But consider buying a car that is more budget-friendly and has those features you seek. Ensure the care is also reliable, comfortable and has quality safety features. There are myriads of cars out there, so finding one that is suitable for teachers and students can be time-consuming. And according to a writing thesis help provider, not all vehicles suit the lifestyle of a teacher or student. Here are 5 top cars for teachers and students

1. The 2017 Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevy Cruze stands as one of the best cars for teachers and students.  It comes as sedan and hatchback. The Chevy Cruze is also a feature-rich car that suits the modern day use. The interior is very comfortable and comes with well-shaped front seats that make long-distance trips more enjoyable.

The Chevy Cruz also offers best-in-segment fuel economy, making it an ideal option for students and teachers on a tight budget. Fuel economy stands as 50 MPG highway, and it has a powerful turbodiesel engine, too. What about the infotainment? Incredible and it’s just like what pricier automobile brands have. Interestingly, the price of the car ranges from $12,000 – $17000. However, this Chevy brand is not only fuel efficient but has enough space to accommodate more passengers and cargoes.

2. 2018 Toyota Prius

This Toyota brand rank as one of the best compact cars on the market. You will enjoy one of the best rides and fuel economy, a feature which makes it an ideal vehicle for students and teachers that travel long distances to school or work on a daily basis. The Prius also has an acceptable amount of cargo space as well as an upscale cabin.

The 2018 model of the Toyota Prius is a vehicle made with the safety of users in mind. It comes with advanced safety features that many cars at this price point cannot offer. Most of the standard features include adaptive cruise control, lane keep assistant, pre-collision system and excellent maneuverability. Price also starts at $23,475.

3. 2017 Buick Verano

Another well-made compact car is the 2017 Buick Verano. The vehicle features a quiet interior and would offer you a comfortable ride anytime. It is also very reliable compared to other brands at this price point. And regarding crash safety, the car has an excellent rating.

However, the infotainment of the Buick Verano isn’t the finest at this price point. It is considered outdated. But if you are looking for a car with exceptional build quality, not just infotainment, then Buick Verano will make a wise choice. The car can accommodate five passengers including the driver, and the price is around $14,000 – $19,000.

4. 2019 Lincoln MKZ

If you are not ready to break the bank but want a well-made luxury midsize car, then check out the 2019 Lincoln MKZ. The car does have an adequate trunk space and will let you enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride when traveling long or short distances. But have in mind that the cabin area is not that spacious.

The 2019 Lincoln MKZ comes with standard safety features that will make you feel safe and ensure your safety whenever you are inside the car driving. And when you compare the MKZ to other vehicles midsize luxury cars, you will discover how budget-friendly and well-made this Lincoln brand is. But make no mistake the MKZ is not the liveliest on the road or the most beautiful midsize car with the best quality interior. But if you want a comfortable vehicle that can withstand every day, then it’s a great option.

5. 2018 Mazda 3

If you are eager to splash the cash on an affordable and compact car with excellent fuel economy, then the 2018 Mazda 3 is the ideal option. It also features incredible infotainment that is so easy to operate. And compared to other models, the interior of this Mazda 3 has enjoyed tremendous improvements.

The 2018 Mazda 3 is available as hatchback and sedan body styles. However, the hatchback features an above average trunk space. The car is also priced at $18,095 – $24,945.


Whether you are a student or teacher, these cars will help make life easy for you. They are not only fuel efficient but designed with modern safety features that will enable you to drive safely and arrive at your destination without feeling worked up. Also, they are budget-friendly and reliable. According to homework help desk, it’s best for teachers and students to buy cars that can serve any purpose, including traveling long distances. And thankfully, the brands on this list are a perfect match.

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