Tips for Shipping a Car Across the Country

A move across the country can be a fun, exciting and stressful time. There are hundreds of factors to consider and plan. Then there are the actual physical logistics of the move. Although many people choose to drive their belongings to their new location, this can present a whole new set of problems for multicar families. 

Some services specialize in auto shipping nationwide. You can take a flight or leisurely drive to your new home without worrying about all of the hassles of driving across the country. Hiring a shipping company might be daunting at first, but there are a few things that can make it easier.

Pick the Drop Off Point

Although it might seem obvious, having a specific drop point and room for your car is extremely important. This could be at your new home, a parking garage or a storage lot. When you are searching for a shipping company, this will help determine the cost and the time frame.

Some shipping companies will only deliver to specific locations, and others will drop off anywhere. Any company is going to want to see the site before bringing in their trucks. 

Do Your Research

A bit of research can save you in the long run. Some of the aspects you need to look at are insurance, cost, guarantees and company reputation. You want your car to arrive safely and on time. A little bit of research into the company and its shipping methods can help you pick the right company for your needs. 

Read Your Contract

All shipping companies have a contract. This contract will outline the specific services they are willing to provide and what you can expect. It will cover things like covered or open-air transport and whether they guarantee delivery time or delivery window. It will also outline the companies policies on damage to your vehicle.

Accidents Happen

In a perfect world, your car would arrive on time and in excellent condition. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect. There is a chance your car may get scratched or dented during shipping. Before they take your car, take pictures and document any existing damage. Before you accept delivery, be sure to do a visual and mechanical inspection of your vehicle.

Shipping your car to your new location can eliminate the need for endless driving or driving separately if you have two vehicles. You could even fly out and save the driving to the professional movers and automotive transport companies.