The Results Are In: Our Picks for the 9 Best Off-Road Vehicles of 2019

Thanks to a recovering economy and developments in vehicle technology, the market for off-road vehicles market is set to grow to $28 billion by 2024.

With manufacturers seeing this kind of opportunity, more and more off-road vehicles are charging their way onto the market. The problem is, not all of them are truly ready for the trails.

Keep reading for our picks for the best off-road vehicles of 2019.

1. Subaru Outback

Not only is the Outback a strong contender in the off roading market, but it also gets great insurance rates. Now before you think we are crazy, hear us out.

Sure it doesn’t have the highest ground clearance. And it doesn’t have the big knobby tires. There is no locking differential either.

It isn’t ideal for the most hardcore trailblazer. But it is perfect for the person who wants to cruise the light trails and the occasional weekend in the woods.

The best part is that it is priced affordably for this kind of use. So if you are new to off roading, or only a casual participant, this is an ideal choice.

2. Toyota Tacoma TRD

The Tacoma is the little truck that could from Tacoma. Owners love their reliability and impressive ability to hold its value.

While you can make any Tacoma into an off roading beast, it is the TRD Pro model that comes ready for any adventure. It’s lifted on Fox 2.5 inch coilover shocks.

Plus there are the 30.5 inches all-terrain tires. The cat-back exhaust provides a throaty growl as you power the V6 engine.

For protection, you’ll have front suspension skid plates. Then there are the proprietary features you can only get from Tacoma. Features like the Multi-terrain Select, Hill Start Assist Control, and Crawl control.

3. Jeep Cherokee

You can’t talk about off roading vehicles without talking about Jeep. This all American brand has a long history of making off roading vehicles that have the specs to conquer the trails.

The Trailhawk and Grand Cherokee are the leaders in the Jeep lineup when it comes to the trails. The Trailhawk comes with 30.5-inch all season tires.

For protection, it has large skid plates that cover the underbody from the transfer case to the front suspension. Then on the interior, you have a large display screen to monitor vehicle performance and dynamics.

4. Nissan Titan XD PRO-4X Diesel

The Nissan Titan falls into its own category being that it is too big to fit in with the Tacoma, but not big enough to be considered a big truck.

If you want to set yourself up for success on the trails look for the XD Pro package. You’ll get Bilstein shocks skid plates and 32-inch all-terrain tires.

You also have the option of buying the gas version or the Pro-4x which is diesel. The diesel version comes with a V8 turbo and Asin 6 speed automatic transmission. Such comparisons are usually referenced across top auto and truck blogs.

The diesel version won’t have as much horsepower but packs a serious punch when it comes to torque. Your low-end power climbing will have an impressive 555-pound per foot force behind it.

5. Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

The 4Runner is basically a pickup truck that has an enclosed bed. Like the Tacoma, you’ll want to choose the TRD Pro trim package.

One thing that is different is the large 4.0-liter engine. To pair with the large engine, you’ll have Bilstein coilovers and 4 link suspension.

With these upgrades, you’ll sit 1 inch higher than the stock model and have extended wheel travel. Like the Tacoma, you’ll enjoy Toyota’s proprietary technology.

The Multi-terrain Select Drive lets you choose from 4 different settings to adjust your wheel spin and braking. This will let you achieve the maximum amount of traction on any surface you face.

6. Land Rover Discovery

This one might seem counterintuitive since Land Rover is synonymous with high end living and luxury. But did you know their roots are deep in the trails of the backwoods?

The Discovery is more than able to power through down roads and rough terrain while enveloping you in the arms of comfort and fine materials.

It has a great weight to power ratio. It has some of the highest horsepower on this lift while not being nearly the heaviest of vehicles.

Go for the SVX model and enjoy bigger approach and departure angles. This will let you master some of the tougher and more aggressive terrains.

You also get some useful accessories that you’ would have had to buy anyway. This includes a rear-facing winch and LED light bar.

Not Ready to Commit to an Off-Road Vehicle?

Sure, going back in the woods to conquer the trails sounds fun and exciting. But what if you live in an area where there are no opportunities for off roading? Or maybe you don’t want to invest the money it takes in buying an offroad vehicle.

Instead, you can tackle the terrain with an RC car! Home your skills with the Traxxas Slash 4×4 or the Traxxas Slash 2WD. Both of these racing trucks come from a reputable band that is known for producing quality, well-built RC cars.

This lets you practice climbing rock piles, traversing ditch, and any other off-road obstacles that the big boys face.

Not sure which one is right for you? RC Planet lets you compare their different features and specs before committing.

Shop and Compare Off-Road Vehicles

Whether you are going off-roading for real or sticking to the RC cars, you need the right vehicle to tackle the toughest of challenges. Look for a truck that has a high stance and large tires.

You’ll also want skid plates on the underside to protect your truck from any debris while you’re climbing. Don’t forget to also consider your budget when comparing off-road vehicles. You don’t want to fall in love with your dream truck only to realize it is outside of your budget.

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