The Best Ways to Approach Buying a Car at a Dealership

A good portion of buying a car occurs before you ever set foot on the lot. Due-diligence is the way to acquire great quality at a lower cost. If you run onto the lot without doing your homework odds are the dealer will have fun with you. Arranging your ducks in a row beforehand grants you the upper hand. So before you visit a local dealership hunting for your next automobile make sure you follow these key steps at home.


The main thing that consumers fail to do is budget. They have a general idea of how much they want to spend but have not given it more thought. Budgeting takes into account every little detail. It is not just a statement of how much you are willing to spend, but how much you canĀ handle each month. Most people finance an automobile and make payments so you also have to factor the monthly cost of those payments. Your car has to be something you can comfortably afford. So look at your financial situation and fully mark out what you can afford. Remember, dealers want to sell you so if they know your limit they can fix a negotiation around it.


A mistake many prospective motorists make is letting the dealership do their financing. Now there is nothing wrong with using the dealer except they get a percentage from the financial institutions they recommend. This means that in some cases they may overlook a cheaper service in favor of the lenders that kick money back to them. You can stop this from happening by doing your own financing. If you walk onto a lot with a lender already in hand it forces the dealer to find a better option.

Purchasing Options

Another thing you can explore are purchasing options. Before you go to a dealer you can figure out what method of payment works best for you. If you have a trade-in check is value before visiting the dealer. This way you can haggle their trade offer for a better price. A trade-in is a great purchasing option because it can take a good chunk of the overall price. Another option is leasing. Leasing a car to buy can afford you better monthly payments. It is more like renting a car and in some cases offers you the choice of buying it or switching it out. Leasing can be more affordable because it does not require a down payment. Not every dealer does it so be sure to look for a Lexus for lease new york ny. to find those that do.

Check the Value of the Car

A great thing to do in advance is check the overall value of the car you are buying. You can do this in two ways. You can look at the blue book value of the vehicle or you can find out how much the dealer paid for it. Once you have these figures you can use them in negotiation. This allows you to avoid being overcharged.