Research Shows the Best Times to Buy Used Vehicles

According to research, the best times to buy a used vehicle are those times of the year when fewer people are shopping for cars and pickup trucks. That means a buyer could enjoy some significant savings if he or she makes the purchase during the winter, for example. Looking for a vehicle at a used car lot such as Xtreme Motors Ltd may not be as comfortable when temperatures are below freezing, but the company wants to keep making sales.

Interestingly, the holiday season may have a role in vehicle discount pricing. Popular Mechanics shows the most discount deals taking place in November and December. People may be too busy to think about buying a car or truck, or their budgets may be tight because of gift buying and other holiday spending. Some individuals do buy vehicles as gifts, but they may be more inclined to buy a new one as a present for a spouse, romantic partner or offspring. January and February also are good months to purchase a used vehicle if someone hopes to get a discounted price. The lowest number of deals occurs in late spring. If possible, it may be best to put off a used vehicle purchase until April, May, and June have passed by.

Another good time to buy from used car dealers is toward the end of the month when the representatives might be scrambling to meet sales expectations. Sales totals typically are calculated on a monthly basis, so the last week of the month can be an excellent time to negotiate a discount. For some reps, one or two more sales on the last day of the month may be all they need.

If these options aren’t suitable because somebody needs a vehicle quickly, then buying one in the middle of the week instead of on the weekend might bring the best price. Fewer people stroll around used car lots on weekdays, and sales reps are eager to do business. In this world, the weekend includes Fridays. People often take three-day weekends and tend to choose Friday instead of Monday. In addition, they may head to a car lot after work on Friday, feeling flush with a bi-monthly paycheck.