Proper Steps to Merit Good Auto Transport Companies

If you are moving and do not want to hassle with transporting your car, get someone else to do it. Auto transport companies are great at conveniently shipping cars across great distances. If you are considering using such a company that means you want one less thing to worry about. This means that your choice should give you piece of mind. Unfortunately, this piece of mind can only come if you make the right decision. Auto shippers may try to scam you, rip you off, overcharge you, and they may even damage your vehicle. Here are some steps to ensure that the company you choose provides the best price, for the best service, bereft of scam.


The internet is too powerful a tool not to use. A series of simple searches can not only provide you a list of nearby companies but inform you as to which ones are the best. If a company is bad you are going to know about it. It will have bad reviews, forums full of ranting customers, and bad reports sent to the BBB. This can be found by searching the name of a company combined with the word ‘complaint’. If a company is good, you will also know about it. They will have solid references, good consumer feedback, various accolades, and positive reports on the BBB.

The Fine Print

Once the search has been narrowed down to a few good companies it is time to take a closer look. Important things to look for when vetting a car shipper are licenses, insurance coverage, and overall price. In order for them to legally operate they need to have a license. In order to compensate you for damage done to your vehicle they need to haveĀ up to date insurance. Also take a gander at their policy. Make sure to read the fine print. No one likes a nasty surprise brought about by a clause they did not see.


Quotes tell you a lot about the company you are dealing with. The truth is when you get quotes from various companies they should almost match. They may not be near the same price, but they should be in the ballpark. Quotes will show you the average costs to ship a car. That average plus additional fees by the company will give you a standard price. If a company charges way beneath that price you need to know why. Just because they are cheaper does not mean they are the prime choice. The reason behind that fluctuation may be bad. If the quote is higher this also needs speculation. Also, do not choose any company that requires anĀ up-front deposit.


The final step regards compensation. If your car is damaged the company, you are working with should not put you through great lengths to get satisfaction. So be sure to review their dispute policy before doing business with them. It could be a deal breaker.

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