Nursing Schools in Kansas City

If you are looking for a nursing program in Kansas City, you will find yourself with a wide range of great options to choose from to help you on your career path.Today is a wonderful time to become a nurse. 

Nurses are at the side of their patients during their most important methods and you will be one of the lucky ones to experience these bridges between life and science.You will be there to experience the birth of a child and experience that truly wondrous moment when the child lets out their first cry after helping their mom push them through the birth canal. 

You will also experience open-heart surgeries where you may participate in holding a beating heart or you will be there to hold and comfort a dying elderly person as they take their last breath.Nurses play a crucial role in overseeing the excellent running of a hospital, offer great patient care and you will be a part of that team.

If you are looking for a nursing program in Kansas City, there are three pathways to choose from, these are entry-level registered nursing programs, RN to BSN/MSN programs and nurse practitioner and advanced RN programs.The Entry Level Nursing Programing is for students who are starting from the beginning. These are students who do not have any background experience in nursing. This pathway offers students two pathways which are an Associate Degree in Nursing(ADN) or a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing(BSN).

Students on the ADN pathway only require 2 years of study. They take courses in human anatomy, physiology and learn the fundamentals in nursing. The Metropolitan Community College is a nursing program in Kansas City that offers accredited ADN programs at its two campuses, Penn Valley and Health Science Institute. The program offers day and evening classes with credits totaling 73-77 credit hours.

For those students focused on a BSN which is becoming the required standard for many hospitals and healthcare clinics, they complete courses with a focus on health nursing, pharmacology and mental health. William Jewell College offers an accredited BSN nursing program for entry level students or students looking for an additional degree.

There are also a number of programs available for students who have credits that count towards the nursing program. Such students are placed on the accelerated track, where they can complete their degrees even two years earlier, depending on how many credits they can transfer from their other credit hours that are applicable towards a BSN. The University of Missouri-Kansas City, School ofNursing and Health Studies and the Research College of Nursing offer accelerated degree programs for students.

When pursuing any degree and nursing isn’t an exception, it is important to select a school that is well aligned with your needs. It is important to know that the school’s mission aligns with your needs and will support you and your goals to ensure a successful environment where you can easily and successfully accomplish your goals. A school that aligns with your needs easily puts you on the path to a successful, fulfilling career.

There has never been a better time to become a nurse. A nursing career offers stability and earning that are above average, the working schedules for nurses are flexible which means you can choose to work-part time or full time and you can do so in any country. There are more jobs available than ever in the nursing field and the population is needed by all people from different backgrounds to help with the day-to-day operations in hospitals.