How To Make a Car Battery Last Longer

A dead car battery can be inconvenient and dangerous. Find out how you can prevent your battery from dying when you need it most. When it comes time to replace your battery, use a free VIN lookup to find a long-lasting replacement battery that fits your make and model of vehicle. Enjoy an efficient, long-lasting battery by following these steps and investing in a quality replacement battery.

Avoid Continuous Short Rides

A common issue that reduces battery life is a series of short drives. If your commute is only a few miles or less, you may not be fully charging your battery as you drive. Over time, this could reduce the lifespan of your battery and lead to a dead battery. When long drives aren’t an option, invest in a portable battery charger to give your car battery the tune up it needs to keep running efficiently.

Ensure All Lights Are Off When You Exit

Nearly everyone has left the lights on as they run to the store or perform another errand. However, leaving lights and other electronics on while the engine is off can drain your battery. Prevent this by checking your lights are off every time you exit your vehicle.

If your car battery dies and you haven’t left on any lights or electronics, it may be a sign that you need a new battery. Learn when to replace a car battery to check for signs you need to retire and recycle your battery.

Even an idling engine inefficiently charges your battery. Modern cars have an extensive range of electronics, charging ports and lights, so consider reducing your electrical usage as you idle your vehicle. This may prevent your battery from unexpectedly failing and can improve the lifespan of your current battery.

Inspect Your Battery Fastener

Every vehicle has a fastening system to ensure the battery remains securely connected to both battery terminals. Depending on your vehicle, this fastening system may be prone to failure. Inspect your battery to see if it is still in the proper position and firmly attached. Be particularly cautious around the battery terminals as you inspect your battery, and do not attempt to touch or handle a battery that appears to be cracked or leaking.

Replace any battery that has signs of damage. Physical damage to a battery can exposes your entire engine compartment to battery acid. Stop by your local mechanic or auto parts store and have a professional safely inspect, remove and replace your damaged battery.

Test Your Battery

Even the most well-maintained car battery has a limited lifespan. As you follow these steps to make your car battery last longer, be sure to have your battery checked periodically. Whether you invest in a battery tester for your home garage or stop by your local auto parts store for battery testing services, it’s important to understand how your battery is performing.

Don’t wait until your battery is completely dead to invest in a new battery. Take time today to inspect your battery, follow these steps to improving your battery’s lifespan and find the average car battery cost for your particular vehicle. Order a new battery online or visit your local auto parts store to receive an affordable battery that comes with a generous warranty for long-lasting performance.

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