How Often Should You Change Your Car Tires?

To keep your car functioning at optimal levels at all times, you must pay attention to the overall health of the car from the engine to the tires. A worn out tire can have a very serious effect on the car and can lead to an accident if not quickly discovered.

Users on suggest that the best way to avoid putting you and your car at risk is to maintain your car tires. The challenge for many with regards to maintaining their car tires is knowing how often one should change their tires.

Many times, you find people asking – how often should I change my car tires? Car tire maintenance is dependent on a lot of factors that have been analyzed by different car companies online. However, before we go on to examine some of these factors, let us look at some reasons why changing your car tires is a must.

Why Should You Change Your Car Tires?

The first reason why you should change your car tires is that it helps to improve the overall health of your car. A car with a bad tire is a defective one and every other part of that car can be affected by the health of the tire. When you change tires as when due, you are preventing damage from happening to other parts and the car as a whole.

Another reason why it is important to change your car tires is that it helps to prevent accidents. There are many cases of accidents that have been as a direct result of bad tires. There are instances where you hear of a car travelling at a certain speed and all of a sudden, the car tire pulls out and immediately the car is on fire. To prevent this sought of damage to your car and the loss of lives that come with it, it is best to change your car tires regularly.

When Should You Change Your Car Tires?

The timeline for replacing car tires vary from one car to another. Also, there are some factors that influence how often you should change your car tires. The first factor is tire wear and this happens over a period of using the tires. The more you use your car, the higher the possibility of it wearing off. To prevent tire wear, it is best to change your tires every year or two years depending on how often you use the car and the type of roads that you use them on.

The second factor that determines when you should change your tires is the age of the tire. As you use car tires, you will start noticing some changes with some of its basic components. Environmental impact, storage conditions, and type of car are factors that can affect tire age. The maximum number of years that a tire is to be used before aging is six years after which you are to change it.

The cost of changing your car tires is not as much as the cost that comes from not changing it. Prevent any damage that bad tires may cause by changing the tires of your car regularly based on the factors that have been discussed above.

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