Essential car maintenance you can DIY

A vehicle must undergo regular maintenance check-ups.  It is essential to do this to keep it in top-notch condition, minimize unexpected expenses, and prolong the lifespan of the vehicle. It is easier to reach out to a company, like Europcar, to help with maintenance or other car services, but if you are looking to save money on your car, you should try to do some of the maintenance yourself.

Reading the car manual, understanding the working process of the car, and identifying the maintenance needs of the vehicle would go a long way to help you keep the car in excellent condition by yourself. Check out some repair duty that can be easily carried out by vehicle owners, Also check- Cash for Cars Hamilton

1.  Replacing Air Filter

The engine and cabin filters can become clogged with dust and debris over time. It will result in the engine working harder and will harm the mileage. Replacing these parts is a straightforward one, and you will find that there is little need for a professional. It takes an estimated 10 to 20 minutes to fix the filter, and each of them costs approximately $20. There are also no tools needed to fix the filters.

2.  Battery replacement

Tools required: wrench set, screwdriver, wire brush, anti-corrosion solution.

Estimated cost: $100

Time: 30 minutes

This is a general repair that many car owners can do themselves. It is easy to replace the battery when it is dead or nears the end of its useful life. However, before getting to this stage, you can check on it periodically to make sure it is in its best condition. Remove the battery terminal and clean off any corrosion deposit with a rag or brush and a corrosion removal fluid. It is essential to know that in dealing with batteries, the negative terminal should be removed first and connected last.

3.  Replacing headlights and taillights bulb

Time: 20 minutes

Cost: varies

Tools required: screwdriver in some, mostly none.

To fix the faulty bulbs, you remove the old ones and take them along to ensure you get the right ones for your vehicle. Make sure not to touch the glass bulb with grease, so it does not burn out quickly. It is best to wear a glove. If mistakenly, you do touch the bulb with lubricant, wipe it off with some alcohol.

4.  Fluids top-up

Time: about 30 minutes

Estimated cost: Depends on the number of fluids you need

Tools required: funnel, rag, and a container to hold the old liquids.

Make sure to regularly check the car fluids to see that they are at the right levels. These fluids include the brake oil, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and radiator coolant. To top-up, you get the right product and continue to pour until it reaches the full indicator level. It is crucial to use only the recommended fluids for your vehicle.

Many stores sell the tools needed for the maintenance, but should you need reviews, you can check this review website in Norway –  Norskeanmeldelser – for the different stores that sell them and then pick a suitable one.

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