Best Tips to Understanding Car Heating and Cooling Problems

People nowadays have their cars for various reasons. They can be used for their day-to-day lives, going to work, or anything else that they do. That is why, if you have your car, you should know all that you have to know when it comes to any problems that may occur. Especially when it comes to the cooling and heating of your vehicle.

This way, you would not need to contact a professional just because your A/C is not working. You can check it out personally. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and know all the important things that you need to check to ensure that there is nothing wrong with your vehicle. After reading through this, rest assured that you will not need to worry.

Common Issues With Your A/C System

Before going ahead and searching for an auto repair shop near me, you should check your vehicles personally first. And if you have a problem with the cooling system of your A/C, here are the most common issues that may occur. Be sure to check them all so that you would know what the problem is. And if you cannot find the problem, you can now call.

Low Refrigerant

One of the most common problems is having a low refrigerant. It occurs when your car’s air conditioner is making noise and not cooling. It can sometimes blow cool or even warm air but never cold ones depending on the refrigerant levels. If this happens to you, you need a coolant top-up depending on your car’s make. So, check the most compatible first.

Clogged Or Leaking Condenser

This one happens when your vehicle has a low refrigerant. That is because if you have a low refrigerant, your vehicle will not receive enough cooled air coming from the vents. That causes your condenser to leak. And because of that leak, your air conditioner will start to make noise and will not cool your vehicle. You should check this one out!

Damaged Or Defective Compressor

Since your condenser is the one that regulates heat coming from and to your vehicle, it should be placed well. And the perfect place is in front of the vehicle. But, that is a risky place since it could be damaged by a rock. If that ever happens to your compressor, you should replace it as soon as possible to make sure that it will not have further damages.

Some Of The Most Common Reasons Why Your Heating System Is Not Working

Now that you know everything that you have to check if your A/C or cooling system is not working, it is now time to learn about the heating system. So, you should read more below before finding any Sacramento Auto Mechanic. Rest assured that you will know what the problem would be after reading all the common reasons.

Low Coolant

The coolant works as the middleman when it comes from the engine block and is heated on the heater core before it would be drawn to the cabin. The transfer from the coolant to the air that is blown in the cabin happens at the heater core. If you have a low coolant, that means the level of heat that is being blown to the cabin would also be lower than usual.

Malfunctioning Heater Core

If you see a mini radiator-looking thing that is made from aluminum or brass tubing, that is the heater core. That allows all the coolant drawn from the engine to circulate in your vehicle. It has many more functions than that. However, many things can damage your heater core. Some of them are clogged tubing or the cooler is not moving efficiently within the heater core.

Damaged Or Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most important things that you should have on your vehicle. The reason for that is because, with the help of this one, you would be able to manage the heat and coolness of your vehicle. So, if you encounter a failed thermostat, the heater may not work as well as before. So, you should replace your thermostat as soon as possible.


Well, there you have it, some of the most important things that you should check and see if you have a problem with your vehicle. So, before looking for the best auto repair shop in your area, you should know how to check these basic troubleshooting steps first.

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