Automatic Guided Vehicles Adapt and Evolve in Logistics

Automatic Guided Vehicles Adapt and Evolve in Logistics

Technology is shifted to the higher level and everything around us is now automated with new and advanced navigation and software capabilities, flexible automation and much more. Automatic guided vehicles are also evolved and these vehicles are now more dynamic and versatile and the Logistics companies in Dubai are adapting these technologies as well. This is the era of multi-shuttles being used for the goods-to-person picking stations. 

Use of Automatic Guided Vehicles

AVGs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) are mostly used in the warehouses for the goods shifting and the multi- channel distributions. Typicals AVGs depends on the inertial guidance, lasers, and the magnetic tape. Nick Elllen says, “Everybody likes to harp on magnetic tape because a strip or bar in the floor doesn’t seem very high-tech, but it is a very powerful way to provide guidance in terms of ease of installation and low cost.” This works in a simple way and people say that it is easy to use for a lay man who has no experience of working with the AVGs before and all the Freight Forwarders in Dubai are using these AVGs. These systems are working for the predicted or pre-fixed routes where they move from one place to another like in the finished goods warehouses etc.

How Logistics Companies are taking advantages

To run with the technology and to make more dynamic AVGs, the manufacturers are now working beyond tape and thus embracing the navigation technologies like the Simultaneous Location And Mapping (SLAM), lasers, cameras, contour guidance, Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) and natural features. Virtual paths are also being used to guide every unit. Plus, now the AVGs have become smart enough that they have the access into the racks and the logistics companies are taking advantage of these perks.

Some AVGs Stats

There is an interesting survey that says that 55% of the people have responded that they are completely satisfied by the ROI which they found by their automated systems, 24% of people say that they are satisfied by the flexibility of the system while the other 34% says that they are not satisfied by it. Flexibility is the key feature these days while people do not ask for the fixed infrastructures. AVGs now and by the core are very dynamic with their drive, stop, start and the assembling line and Logistics companies in Dubai have the ease of use of AVGS. Ellens says, “it’s not hard to imagine these sorts of changes happening weekly as the warehousing and distribution sector becomes more involved with Amazon-style supply chain decisions”. AVGs handles the reconfiguration to host multiple products by using multiple tracking methods.

The vice president of Sales for Creform, Keith Soderlund says, “My company keeps on focusing magnetic guide paths for effortless reasons that are, It’s quick to install, reliable, comparatively low in cost, and, thus, easy and inexpensive to maintain.” Most people and Freight Forwarders in Dubai are using the automated materials handling technologies are satisfied by the maintainability of these systems. AVGs have an easy maintenance, 99% of the time they are easy to repair and manage.

Ellens said that there is a drastic expansion in the use cases for the AVGs in near past era in the type of companies interested and the applications involved. It is an evolution as there was a time when only the giant companies used to buy and work with the AVGs but the time has changed and now the small businesses and the 2-tier companies are also in with the Automatic guided AVGs and then other machines.

AGV industry is on the crest of that wave

The maintenance cost for the AVGs has also reduced. The improved and advanced software facilities have made the interaction with the machinery far easier than before which definitely has enhanced the performance of AGVs and unbridle the creativity of the user to adapt equipment to its changing needs.” AVGs with the new technology has executed the fast, new, adaptive systems for the users and improved the efficiency and consistency of the systems and shipping companies are taking the edge on it. Ellens adds more about this new technology that. “It’s a very fun and exciting time, and we’re on the threshold of some very cool things from AI, new applications, the rise of e-commerce and the Amazon Effect. The AGV industry is on the crest of that wave.”

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