Are Your Truck Maintenance Beliefs Out of Date?

Cars have evolved over time but have our beliefs around car maintenance? It may surprise you to know several car maintenance words of wisdom that are no longer relevant today. Here are some well-known car maintenance tips that might be out of date.

Routine Oil Change

Not every vehicle needs the oil changed at 3000 miles. Motor oils have improved over the years. Some can last for up to 7500 miles given the right conditions. Synthetic blends or fully synthetic motor oils have the longest life span. If you are using conventional motor oil in your truck, it might benefit from a change every 3000 miles. Otherwise, you can consider spacing out your oil changes.

Replace All Tires

You might be able to get a discount when purchasing 4 tires at the same time. But the savings will not make enough of a difference if you only need to replace a single tire. Previous wisdom recommended replacing all tires at once to ensure they all had the same diameter to improve drivability. Trucks today won’t be affected if you replace only one tire at a time. If you also need to replace a hubcap with your tire, it’s easy to find used Dodge truck parts to match with your current tires.

Warm Up Your Engine

Engines work more efficiently at warmer temperatures. Older vehicles needed time to warm up before heading out in colder months to prevent significant losses in engine efficiencies. However, modern engines have advanced technology to make them more efficient than previous engines regardless of temperature. Idling your truck in frosty weather won’t improve your engine efficiency, but it will waste some fuel.

Flush Transmission Fluid

Your truck’s transmission system depends on transmission fluid. It reduces friction among critical parts, allowing them to operate at top efficiency. Flushing and replacing transmission fluid every 50,000 miles has been the rule of thumb for vehicle maintenance for a while. However, there are several modern transmission fluids that can last much longer, possibly even twice the length of previous transmission fluids. Some trucks will work at peak efficiency for 100,000 miles with only top-offs to transmission fluids. Consult with your vehicle’s service manual or your mechanic for a recommendation on when to change the transmission fluid.

Vehicle maintenance recommendations will change as improvements continue to be made in machine parts. Updating your outdated maintenance recommendations can save you some money while keeping your truck running smoothly.