8 Tips To Get the Highest Price for Your Old Car

Selling an old vehicle can get the best of you, and you don’t want to end up exchanging your car for the first buyer you meet for an underprice, right? On the contrary, you want to get the best price of it, and that has a cost from another kind. Fortunately, this cost is simple, easy, and is not time-consuming.

Follow these tips to sell your car while you are relaxed.

●    Evaluate Your Car

This is the very first thing you can do when making up your mind to sell the vehicle, knowing the value of the car via an online website is a crucial, easy, and free step!

So click on the link above to put the needed information and voila, you did the first and easiest thing you can do in the process of selling your car.

●    Depersonalize The Vehicle

Our cars stay with us for long years, and with the time passing by your car will start to look like you, even if you are not doing that consciously.

Take off any bumper stickers, add-ons, or any air freshener that has some sort of random phrase like “I love my cat”, to return it to its default, and to make it look as natural as possible.


●    Clean The Car Thoroughly

Even if your car is in a good condition, an additional effort is crucial to get the most money from it, believe me, when someone wants to buy your car, they will notice all the small and big details, and a dirty car for many people indicates a careless owner, therefore, bad car condition, (even if that is not true).

So, don’t slack off giving it a nice, deep cleaning to give it a shiny bright look. Of course, we are not only talking about the outside, you need to make sure that the inside is well cleaned and smells good. Shine the windows and mirrors, clean the wheels, wipe down the interior, and make sure to clean every dirty part of it.


●    Take Good Photos

Good photos never fail to grab our attention when scrolling down a social media platform, right? So you already know how important a high-quality picture is.

Park your car in a nice, picturesque place so you can take an attractive whole picture.

Also, take a lot of pictures from different angles to the exterior of the car and the interior as well, and pay attention not to spot the light on scratches or any other imperfections.


●    Write a Good Advertisement

The one who said that words have power didn’t say that absurdly. You must know that writing a neat and honest description of your car is one critical step you should do in the process of selling your car.

Stay away from typing typical cliches like “first to see will buy” and “old but gold”, and go for describing the vehicle as accurately as you can.

Of course, you don’t want to stick just to the bad things in your description under the claim of “being honest”, no! Because no one will buy a car in poor condition at the end of the day.

Write down every good thing you know about your car or experienced by yourself, know that every simple detail does matter and does bring all the potential buyers.

Most importantly, do not share VIN number or any personal information because there are many thieves out there that will use this information to create a cloned advert.

However, do share your plate number, your location, and how many months are left on the MOT.

●    Be Honest

Being honest about the car’s condition is a human matter. I mean, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the other buyer, wouldn’t you rather know everything about the car’s condition before putting every penny you earned and saved before taking your last decision about purchasing it?

So tell them the information that you know they should know before they make up their mind.

●    Repair Any Obvious Flaws

Selling the car doesn’t mean you are completely free from paying extra money, you are still tied to one last obligation.

Take your car to a skilled mechanic to fix any major damages and flaws, and for the minor imperfections, you can repair them by yourself, things like scratches, paintwork, broken headlights, minor mechanic faults, and mistakes.

Check all the car fluids like the power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, engine oil, washer fluid, and radiator fluid, and do not forget to also check the tyers if they are working properly.

Doing this one step will certainly help you sell any car in Dubai because it is critical to make sure that the buyer won’t take a step back when seeing your car, checking, or driving it.


●    Set an Asking Price

It’s more beneficial for you to set a starting price so when you are doing the sale you know that any price under this number is not accepted, and so you can handle the negotiation better.

You can search online, ask friends, or check the prices for similar cars to help you price correctly and establish a realistic expectation, not too low, and not too high.

Be aware not to settle down very quickly, it is recommended to get offers from multiple buyers and dealerships to get a bigger vision, and after meeting all of them, negotiating, and estimating, compare all the offers you have to choose the highest one of them.

One last thing that should be done before selling any car is to get all the needed papers to complete all the transactions, you will probably need papers like an odometer certification, the car’s title, bill of sale, and more.

Selling your car is not a stressful task as long as you are doing it right, just try to follow the pre-mentioned tips and tricks, and you will have zero hassle, zero headaches, and zero stress.

Make sure to take good care of your car before buying it, from the outside to the inside, cleaning and repairing it everything to get the highest price you can receive out of selling your car.

Author: Muhamad Omari from Carwise.ae