3 Coolest Construction Technology Innovation Of 2018

If we’re going to take a look at the history of construction, we can say that we’re currently in the most exciting time– where technological innovations are changing the way we work to the point that, it can get pretty overwhelming sometimes.

However, instead of having that kind of feeling, it would be better if you’ll explore how these advancements can make your life easier. Here are the coolest construction technology innovations of 2018.

1. Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless vehicles used to be futuristic ten years ago, but we have finally reached the point where they are slowly being developed. In fact, even the construction industry is welcoming the idea of self-driving trucks, which may allow the workers to control the vehicle even in remote locations to ensure their safety.

Additionally, there are also automated crash trucks that are quite useful for construction crews, allowing them to save money on labor. Not just that, in places where there are smart traffic cones, these vehicles would be perfect as it can send information coming from the car, going to the traffic device and vice versa.

2. Robotics

Robotics is getting more and more popular, especially in packaging and palletizing building project materials. Gone are the days when construction workers have to risk their lives just to perform their tasks.

Robots are now being developed to handle some of the most repetitive, tedious, and dangerous jobs in the construction industry. This includes building prefabricated walls, dispensing concrete, and laying bricks.

As you can see, there are some benefits that can be enjoyed from this– one of which is that employees no longer have to worry about high-level handling tasks, as this can be designated to robots instead.

Greater automation in various processes can also be enjoyed with the help of robotics. In the construction industry, there are a lot of aspects, such as packing, manufacturing, building, and automating– these processes are the goals that each construction company aspires to achieve.

With the more significant development in robotics and machinery, companies are becoming more and more open to using technology to their advantage. With the advent of robotic technology, we can expect that most of the traditional construction activities, such as material handling, welding, packing, dispensing, and cutting would be fully automated.

Not only will this offer optimum accuracy, but it can also help the company enjoy significant savings as well.

3. 3D Printing

Ever since its conception, 3D printing has been on the right path. What does this imply? A lot of people are quite interested in what it has to offer, and even the construction industry is quite confident that it would be able to help in creating 3D materials that can be used in the construction site.

One great example would be the 3D print structures and other large structures in China. This only proves that 3D printing has a lot of possibilities, particularly in the construction site.

Other advantages that you can enjoy from 3D printing includes the following:

Several Shapes and Designs Possibilities

The beautiful thing about 3D printing is that it allows the architect to be adaptable to the design process. That means you can build curvilinear structures instead of settling with rectilinear forms.

Also, you can consider the use of concrete, as well as composite mixture during the construction process and 3D printers,  are capable of creating these curvilinear structures that are quite known for its robust structural design as compared to rectangular forms.

More Precise Building

According to experts, building homes through a 3D printer ensures efficiency as it’s capable of producing more precise results as the file is passed from a computer, directly to a machine, and would never encounter any human errors. The data is directly converted into an object without any forms of human intervention.

3D printing makes it possible for the construction industry to save more, primarily when working on a more significant structure scale. This can be very helpful, especially in third world countries where building homes usually cost a fortune.

With 3D printing, it has been possible to produce spare parts from various locations, by any manufacturing company. Which only means that the production process will take a shorter time, making it more convenient.

There you have it. These are just some of the few technological trends that you should look forward to in the future.